With over 19 years of experience in the industry, Consumer Connection Monitoring Inc. specializes in research and customer service evaluations for numerous successful and forward-thinking businesses across Canada. We provide unbiased evaluations of a company's operations relating to issues of quality, service, and value. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, improve your service, identify gaps in your training or boost customer loyalty, we can customize a program that is right for your business. Our information is your insight into gaining a competitive advantage. Our cutting edge ideas, unrivalled client relationships, and advanced technology have proven to be our formula for success. Mystery shopping is one of our most popular programs. Why? Because it works! Mystery shopping will help your organization in many ways. Not only will it improve your profit margin, but it will increase your employee's sales awareness. The mystery shopping results will generate information for training and marketing departments and provide opportunities to instruct and improve service providers.

    Mystery Shopping

    Assess your customers’ experience through in-person, telephone, e-mail, or social media audits. Our mystery shoppers will evaluate the level of service at your place of business and help identify opportunities for growth.

    Compliancy Audits

    Ensure all your locations comply with your standards. Site inspections by our trained mystery shoppers will determine if your visual, safety, cleanliness, legal, or pricing guidelines are being followed.

    Competitor Comparisons

    Monitor your competition. Our mystery shoppers will pose as customers at your competitors’ location and audit their customer service and sales techniques helping you understand how your business compares to others.

    Customer Intercept Audits

    Find out how customers experience your brand or events. Our trained interceptors will engage your customers on location and collect valuable insights about their behaviours and perceptions.

    E-mail Distribution Service

    Utilize our database of over 15,000 contractors for purposes of gaining exposure for promotions, focus groups, or online surveys. We will send an invitation to our contractors with the details for your project, allowing interested participants to contact you directly.

    Executive Summary Reports

    Understand your results. Our analytics team will provide you with a clear and detailed executive summary report for any of your programs. We will work with you to pull the information you require for reviews, meetings, and restructuring of your business.



    Are you interested in a free quote? We welcome you to e-mail us for a free, no obligation quote or to receive more information about how mystery shopping can help benefit your business.

    New to mystery shopping? Contact us for a free mystery shop to see how our research results can help you meet and surpass your customer service and sales objectives. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, improve your service, identify gaps in your training or boost customer loyalty, we can customize a program that is right for your business.


    As a mystery shopper you will be paid to pose as a potential customer for our clients. During the shop you will view the customer service and sales techniques provided by the companys' employees and then complete a detailed report based on your experience. The information that you provide us will be used at a managerial level to make important business decisions. For this reason, you must be fair, accurate, and consistent in your observations. Prior mystery shopping experience is not required. We will help train and guide you on how to become an experienced mystery shopper! Please click 'Become A Shopper' to complete our shopper application form. We look forward to working with you!