Consumer Connection Monitoring Inc.

Consumer Connection

specializes in customer service evaluations and analysis. We allow our clients to see how their business appears through the eyes of their customers. We act as a catalyst for our clients by providing valuable information that will help them to meet their strategic customer service/customer relations objectives. The end result is customer loyalty and increased market share.

What Can We Do For You

Our Company is a leader in the field of Mystery Shopping. We consider ourselves the voice of your customer. We develop your objectives for effectiveness against customer demand. Our information is your insight into gaining a competitive advantage.
  1. Our services allow clients to see how their business appears from the customers' perspective.
  2. We show you how our services will monitor and improve customer service and customer relations in your company.
  3. We are committed to improve the quality of service we offer clients, by continuously improving our methods, services and programs.

How Do We Do It

Mystery Shopping is one of our most popular programs. Why? Because it works! Mystery Shopping will help your organization in many ways. Not only will it improve your profit margin, but it will increase your employee's sales awareness. The Mystery Shopping results will generate information for training and marketing departments and provide opportunities to instruct and improve service providers. You depend on factual, not subjective research, that you can measure, to improve your market position. We will work with you to understand your objectives, specially design a questionnaire/program and can even provide you with a summary report assessing the results. The data we provide you with is user friendly. Everyone in your organization will be able to understand the results so you can spend your time doing something about it.